Does your Business have a Scaffolding?

man on scafolding
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“Scaffolding?, For what?” You must be asking. Yes, like buildings, businesses need scaffoldings that guide them to reach heights.

Nicholas K- Quest – GET SHAP book

Imagine that you are at home and have to change a light bulb, but you can’t reach the holder in the ceiling. The smart thing to do is get a scaffolding or ladder. But maybe you don’t have a ladder in the house. So you improvise with a stool to elevate your height. But the stool too gets short, so you add a chair on top of it.  You carefully climb on the stool and chair praying that you can maintain your balance long enough to accomplish the task. Unfortunately, you slip and fall. In your next attempt, you seek help for someone to hold the stool and chair for you or for total safety you get a scaffolding. 

Whereas everyone is smart in business (which we tend to be as entrepreneurs) you cannot tackle all business matters alone, all time. Sometimes you will slip off the stool. And you will need the extra hand for support. This is the scaffolding I am taking about.  It is useful to have a third party’s perspective on matters that require objectivity or an “extra set of eyes/ears” to verify that there are no mistakes made in a critical process and the business growth is gapped with a good scaffolding on an ascending curve other than gambling. 

Before, in the early cold days of business doing, it was ok to try and fail until you figured things out. It is now so expensive to be a try-and-see person in such a delicate situation of low resources and jaw biting competition.  From business development strategies, to compliance, contracts and tender processes, legal suits, name it all, you need an external support.

Better to spend UGX 10m on consultancy services and UGX 10m shillings on business set up and development than putting all 20m to risk and burn while drifting.  Business support services like consultancy, accountancy, legal, technological etcetera are key drivers of any business regardless of size and industry.  

Arguably, we all know that every new development brings with it changing risks and it becomes good to prevent the risk than curing it. External support service makes this possible; it acts as the scaffolding to change your faulty light bulb.

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This article is an extract from the book GET SHAP .

Nicholas K. Quest

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