Five uncommon ways to make massive sales with ease!

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Every business person will tell you about sales in the first 10 minutes you may talk to them about their business. It is a very broad and essential part of any business.  According to Investopedia,  A sale is a transaction between two or more parties in which the buyer receives tangible or intangible goods, services, or assets in exchange for money. Regardless how you define it, sales is the backbone of every business.  

Sales has a hard mastery and that is why people go about it all wrong.  Good sales is rare. It is awesome.  So how do we go around sales?  This is my random thinking as I learn from many mentors making it in the business space. I have practiced most of the things and I can guarantee that its a big move. Just a look into the simple process of making massive sales, this is a foundation not an overall sale technique. 

1. Sit in the customers’ view

Getting into a customers shoes and see what they see, feel what they feel, understand what they consciously need  is very game changing.  Put much focus  on them, their story and their business , their needs, their worries and they desired solutions in mind. 

Sit back and dress in their shoes.  Take notes. Research. Observe. 

After all that flex their focus back to their current situation by asking, “How’s this and that……  Your life, business, economy, situations, etc?”   This simple question gets them to think about where they are now: the good and the bad. They’ll likely share some good news with you, but also focus on what they’re unhappy with.  As they unveil, now you shall be ready to position well your solution and proposal and I am sure this will hit the right spot always.  This shall allow them to consciously reveal most things about them without you over pushing or over guessing while hitting bad spots.  Take notes, translate and position better. 

2. Take the vision with them

In number 1 above, we had understood who they are, what they need and what they desire to have and what could be their major challenges.  Now be part of their solution visualization.   Tactically learn their plans for the future, learn about their goals, their values, etc.  That way, you will master how to position the more and lessen chances of their rejection. 

Knowing currents of a customer is not effective. You also need their movement surge so you can position well. You need to know to where the wind and waves are blowing to so that you don’t get left out sooner as the future folds. To work better and make massive easy sales, you must learn and help this  potential customers’ trends in front of them, and realize what’s holding them back and then guide them to get there – eventually making a sale. 



Client ABC is struggling with slow production and thus making little sales of  units in a year something crippling his business  (the current situation and problem to solve)

He wants an automated high production machine that can make 1000 units per week so he can increase his market demand and coverage and make more sales in the future while dominating the industry (the vision and desire, the goal and aspiration)


3. Highlight the gap

Now that we have known the problem by sitting in their view and also known their visions, desire and aspirations, it’s time to highlight the possible linkages to take them from between where they are and where they want to be.  If they are engaging,  allow them to describe this gap first, don’t do it for them at first hand. Remember you are less of a sales person but much of a consultant in the field. 

After getting their side of the gap, now in detail explain as an expert, in detail what needs to happen to change the narrative.   Highlight what support they may need the most.  And the scope or duration and resources to make that happen with ease. Advice and suggest. 

 Teach and engage them more if they feel still stuck. Don’t just explain. engage until the conversation gets into solidarity mode. Let them agree with you and get convinced that this is the best they can do,.  show them possibility of this happening. Show them better ways and alternatives. Do this with ease and don’t be pushy. Listen to their opinions and other worries or suggestions. Answer their questions and validate every inquiry they make. 

4. Now you can make the proposal

Until now, you have been dabbling and trying to create rapport and understanding. You have got all. Now, stand and put your kneel down and make that proposal. You must make it engaging too. 

Offer them your solution. And get me well,  this isn’t about how you can help them, but rather helping them see that this is the help they need.  Once you describe the solution, ask them, if this would be valuable to them. Wait, not just valuable to them but if it is valuable towards overcoming their current situation and making their life or business better and making their vision come true. Explain and confirm they get how the solutions makes that happen. 

5. Let them Commit

If they are clicking and getting things right then you are closer to making a sales. What next, make them commit. You are now specific on your offer and they have appreciated it. Now ask them to commit. Let them say yes to the proposal ring.  As you can see, there is no manipulation or scarcity tactics that make clients hate sales people. It looks so romantic that even the sales person likes the process. 

By using this process, even  if the proposal doesn’t get clicked,  the client will still always remember and happy that they had known about you, Guess what? Another relationship may be developed or future sale initiated. Most important this process will also make you feel happy because you helped someone recognize their problem and the way to overcome it, you will also learn from them many things that may better your craft in the next prospect and work life. You may also learn about what services or product or gain you can get from them. It is always two way. 

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I wish you joy and breakthrough. I hope this article gives you insight to make more leads. 

Until next time.

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